Creation vs. consumption, or: having your cake and eating it


The ability to create is something encouraged in us as youngsters. Nursery and school show us just how much fun it can be to paint a picture, dress up, grow cress, build a stack of blocks and then knock them down. Sadly, the opportunity and initiative in us to create decreases as we get older – to the point where if you announced you were going to draw or write something in your free time you’d be all but ostracised by your social group. Creativity, exploration, messing up and laughing about it afterwards seems to be a right exclusively reserved for children. Comedy shorthand for an adult acting like a child tends to involve building a fort out of cardboard boxes or sofa cushions.

Consuming is much easier, simply because consuming doesn’t require you to do anything outside of interpretation. Watch a film, read a book, binge-watch a TV show. All fun, but sedentary.

This is why, mad as it sounds, I’ll always pick creation over consumption. The act of creating something out of nothing (or next-to-nothing), putting your own stamp on it and feeling proud afterwards is far more rewarding than being a slave to the remote control – which probably explains why I have a dozen DVD boxsets that remain unwatched years after receiving them. I’ve tried striking a balance but, for me, drawing, cartooning, writing and illustrating have always won out, from doodling in the back of my school books to penning sitcom scripts in my wilderness years, to creating cartoons on barren night shifts to my latest project of illustrating memories when there wasn’t a camera to hand.

This is day one of my blog, and if I knew what I was doing it wouldn’t be as much fun.


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