Yeah, I’m no good at confrontation. This stems from times in the past when *I’ve* been the instigator of confrontation while unwittingly being in the wrong, thereby accusing an innocent person of impropriety. The shame and embarrassment of having to live that kind of thing down has stuck with me. This might go some way to explain why I can never stick up for myself unless I’m in full possession of the facts.

My job at the moment involves chasing debt, which, as you can imagine, generates all sorts of confrontations. Luckily these are all verbal – we only use telephones and letters – but, inevitably, I’m piss-poor at it. How do other people do it? How are they assured they’re in the right all the time? How do they maintain a calmness when someone’s angrily screeching down the phone at them?

Well, it’s all academic now, as they’ve moved me into an administrative position. Once again, my shyness and reticence have cost me.


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