Working in the country, you get used to insects and creepy-crawlies making their way into your work space, particularly in hot weather when the windows are open. So, it was unsurprising when a hornet found itself in our office but I didn’t realise this until after the girls had suddenly shrieked and ran out, closing the doors behind them and thus abandoning me as a decoy or possibly sacrifice.

Hornets are bad news, they’re wasps x 2, so, after I heroically backed away, the doors were pushed open and discussions were had on how to rid our room of the buzzy monster. However, it seemed that the hornet had found its own way out so Jo strode forward to close the window – only to find it was merely hiding behind the frame and, with admirable comic timing, buzzed back in again.

I approached the beast with a rolled up paper only for Stuart to beat me to it and flick it out of the window with a metal rule.


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